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    AMH Compuspot 825HD Spot Welder

    Imported from Canada, the AMH Compuspot 825HD Spot Welder is a heavy duty inverter type spot welder
    that comes with a proven track record of quality and robustness, being sold in many countries worldwide.

    The AMH Compuspot 825HD Spot Welder is an extremely advanced machine and is approved and recommended by most European car manufacturers. The AMH Compuspot 825HD Spot Welder is capable of producing a staggering 14,000 Amp output and the tip has a clamping force of over 630 daN at 8.5 bar of air pressure.

    The AMH Compuspot 825HD Spot Welder comes complete with a full set of arms for every conceivable application and can be used for clamp spotting or single spotting as well as dent pulling capabilities.

    The tips are liquid cooled ensuring no overheating of the weld area which is essential for joining of high strength steels used in our modern day motor vehicles. Full digital display and touch pad controls are standard on this machine.

    Smaller machines are also available for the more cost conscious buyer.

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