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    Welcome To MaxPRO Distributors

    At Maxpro Distributors, due to the current health crisis relating to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) we are offering free quotations for supply of UVC Sterilising Lights for your A/C system. Call 0448 474 935 today to learn more on how to protect your home and workplace from this threat.

    Maxpro Distributors filter products are now being sold by Aero Healthcare. They will offer you expert advice and solutions for all your Air Filtration products, and Spray Booth Consumables including Exhaust Filter, Inlet Filter, Pre-Filter and Andreae Filters and Booth Coating Solutions. They also have available a full range of HVAC filters. Click here for access to AeroFlow’s brand new website.

    Maxpro Distributors will continue to be your specialist supplier of all Panel Beating and Smash Repair Tools and Equipment, Consumables and Spray Painting Equipment. We sell a large range of specialist equipment including Solvent Recyclers, Spraygun Cleaners for both Solvent & Waterborne Paint, Heat Inductors, Air Compressors, Infrared Drying Lights and Spot Welders to name a few. We recommend and sell many leading brands including Uniram, UNIC and IST.

    Maxpro Distributors are also the sole importer of UV Resources range of UVC Sterilising Lamps & Equipment from USA for all Air-Conditioning and HVAC systems which are sold as the AireCare brand in Australia. AireCare UVC Lights and Germicidal Lamps are the most efficient and cost saving solution for maintaining IAQ in your home or business premises and ensuring your A/C system is operating at its best.

    Whether you’ve been dealing with us for years, or you’re a new customer, the team at MaxPRO Distributors welcome your enquiry. No request is too large, too small or too hard. Please contact Maxpro Distributors on 0448 474 935 for all your enquiries.