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    Exhaust Fibreglass Floor Filters

    Exhaust Fibreglass Floor Filters, our premium
    AEROFLOW high capacity brand are manufactured in the USA from continuous filament glass fibres. Our Exhaust Fibreglass Filter has a laminated air leaving side, which increases the paint holding capacity compared to other exhaust options and reduces the amount of fibres that can become airborne during operation.

    AEROFLOW exhaust fibreglass floor filters have a higher grade and density than most brands offered on the Australian market for a superior durability and improved performance while in operation.

    We offer a range of sized widths are from 500mm to 2000mm and come in bulk rolls of 90m. This provides an extremely economical solution for large users of floor filters requiring bulk stock. Shorter 25m rolls are also available to suit any Spray Booth Filter application and for ease of storage.

    Contact us today to find your nearest distribution partner or get a quote to ship our quality filters shipped direct to your door nationwide. We ship our filters well packed with double layered protective plastic to ensure low risk of

    Request a data sheet from us today or call in to discuss your requirements for exhaust fibreglass floor filters.

    We’re here to help out, no request too big or too small.


    Exhaust Fibreglass Floor Filters Range of Size Availability:

    MPH510  Exhaust Fibreglass 510mm wide by 25m or 90m long

    MPH610  Exhaust Fibreglass 610mm wide by 25m or 90m long

    MPH762  Exhaust Fibreglass 762mm wide by 25m or 90m long

    MPH914 Exhaust Fibreglass 914mm wide by 25m or 90m long

    MPH990 Exhaust Fibreglass 990mm wide by 25m or 90m long

    MPH1220 Exhaust Fibreglass 1220mm wide by 25m or 90m long

    MPH1500 Exhaust Fibreglass 1500mm wide by 25m or 90m long

    MPH1830 Exhaust Fibreglass 1830mm wide by 25m or 90m long

    MPH2000L Exhaust Fibreglass 2000mm wide by 25m or 90m long


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