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    UVC Lighting, or UV Lights, have been well received in Australia as being an innovative, durable and cost-effective way of controlling microbial growth in HVAC systems, enhancing IAQ and increasing energy savings.

    Our Aircare range of UV Lights have many applications, including commercial buildings, health care facilities, food and beverage industries, schools and institutions, industrial buildings and domestic residences. To cater for these applications, here at MaxPRO Distributors, we offer a vast product range for UV Lights, UV Sterilisers, UV emitters, UV kits, UV wands and replacement globes for many brands of fixtures.

    At MaxPRO Distibutors, we provide a wealth of benefits with our range of UV Lights such as reduction of your energy bills, cleaning of evaporator coils, decreased maintenance costs, extended food shelf life. UV kills 99% of germs and bacteria, eliminates odours, reduces absenteeism, prevents the spread of diseases, reduces allergies and are environmentally friendly.

    AirCare UV Lights and UV Sterilisers improve our lifestyles, through the air we breathe.

    Contact MaxPRO Distributors now on 0448 474 935 for all your UV lighting, UV lights, UV disinfection systems and UV sterilisers.