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UV Coil Light & UV Coil Lighting

The UV Coil Light series is the CC Series High-Output Ultraviolet System is designed to bask the evaporator coil with UVC energy, preventing and destroying mould and biofilm as well as odours. The biofilm that grows on the coil acts as an adhesive that attracts dirt and coats the fins of the coil. This reduces efficiency which results in increased energy use and costs. Ultraviolet Coil Lighting prevents these problems.

The CC Series High-Output Ultraviolet System specifically targets UV disinfection of cooling coils in medium to larger air conditioning applications. The UV Coil Light system can be mounted in various configurations to irradiate cooling coils and drain pans and for optimum air decontamination. Individual Ultraviolet fixtures can be mounted to plenum walls, or multiple fixtures can mount to frame assemblies that span supply ducts or cooling coils. Double ended and single ended units are available depending on access to the face of the coil.