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Uni-Ram Solvent Recycler

With the Uni-Ram Solvent Recycler, your business operation becomes greener. The solvent waste transported off-site is reduced by up to 95% because the solvent is reclaimed on-site and reused over and over again.

The Uni-Ram Solvent Recycler saves you money from day one as it recycles your used and dirty solvent therefore reducing your solvent purchase and disposal costs. The Uni-Ram Solvent Recycling machine is an essential piece of equipment for any busy panel shop or spray painting business, and is also environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for disposal of dangerous liquid waste.

Uni-Ram Recycler replacement liner bags are also available at competitive prices from Max Pro Distributors. With a Uni-ram recycler, unnecessary solvent purchases are eliminated; purchases drop by up to 90%. Waste disposal costs drop by up to 95% and Profitability improves.