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Super-Flow V HVAC Filters

Super-Flow V HVAC Filters’ extended surface area & low pressure drop minipleat HVAC filters are designed for use in most commercaial and industrial HVAC systems where medium to high efficiency filtration is required. Super-Flow V Filters are available in average efficiency ranges: 65%, 85%, 95% and 98%.

Super-Flow V Minipleat HVAC Filters have an exceptionally low clean pressure drop unmatched by most any HVAC filter of the same efficiency. This affords low fan energy costs during much of the life of the HVAC filter system. In addition, they are the filters of choice for packaged air conditioning filters that do not have the fan capacity of larger central systems.

Longer service life means material and labour cost savings and less disruption of systems caused by filter change-out shutdowns. High dust holding capacity is a key benefit of a Super-Flow V HVAC Filter with increased media area.