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Spray Gun Wash Machine & Spray Gun Washers

Suitable for water based or solvent based paints, our range of Uni-Ram Spray Gun Washers increase productivity, are time efficient and cost effective by automatically cleaning your spray guns and pressure pots.

With a convenient pail to collect wash solvent, our range of Uni-Ram Spray Gun Wash Machines are beneficial to any busy spray shop. We offer various size models that cater for your workshop size needs and demand for clean spray guns. Our Uni-Ram Spray Gun Wash Machines can also be coupled with a solvent recycler as a complete kit.

At MaxPRO Distributors, we offer a range of IST Spray Gun Wash Machine models that are manufactured in Italy to the highest standard. All of our Uni-Ram Spray Gun Washers have a stainless steel structure and automatic washing settings.