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Spray Booth Filters & Spray Booth Consumables


Inlet Roof Filter Material
& Inlet Roof Filtration


Exhaust Fibreglass
Floor Filters


Polyester Exhaust Filter & Polyester Exhaust Filtration


Andreae Exhaust
Cardboard Filters


Polyester Pre-Filter
& Polyester Pre-Filtration


At MaxPRO Distributors, we specialise in providing high quality Spray Booth Filters for every application. Our Spray Paint Booth Filters have been recognised by worldwide professionals to provide a safe, dust free and environmentally friendly atmosphere within the booth as well as reducing the amount of overspray exiting your booth into the atmosphere.

We offer a wide range of Spray Paint Booth Filters along with specialised Spray Booth Filters for specific solutions, which offer a high arrestance percentage and low pressure drop capacity. These features have influenced our choice of air filter medium and we believe our Spray Booth Filter range is highly efficient in these areas. Maxpro Distributors also offers the largest range of sizes in Australia.

Contact MaxPRO Distributors now on 1800 988 445 for all your Spray Booth Filters and Spray Booth Consumables.