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Inlet Filter Material & Roof Filtration

Inlet Filter Material and Roof FiltrationAt MaxPRO Distributors, our  AEROFLOW Spray Booth Inlet Filter is made from 100% polyester fibres. With a clean air side reinforced with polyester scrim, our Spray Paint Booth Inlet Filter systems have been thermally bonded and calibrated to a certain thickness.

The media is of progressive density and is impregnated with adhesive to capture and hold dust even under vibration. Our Spray Paint Roof Inlet Filter media has the capacity to filter out paint damaging dust particles down to 5 microns.

AEROFLOW Inlet Filter Material is available in a wide range of bulk rolls with various widths from 850mm to 2100mm with bulk rolls available in 20m lengths for bulk supplies. We offer a cut-to-size service, which makes installing the inlet pads into your booth both simple and convenient.

Contact us today to find your nearest distribution partner or get a quote to ship our quality filters shipped direct to your door nationwide. We ship our filters well packed with double layered protective plastic to ensure low risk of damage.

Request a data sheet from us today or call in to discuss your requirements for inlet filter material and roof filtration.

We’re here to help out, no request too big or too small.

Data sheets are available on request.

Inlet Filter Material & Roof Filtration Availability:

NF600PS2.1  Ceiling Inlet media – 2.1m wide x 20m

NF600PS1.7  Ceiling Inlet media – 1.7m wide x 20m

NF600PS1.25  Ceiling Inlet media – 1.25m wide x 20m

NF600PS.85  Ceiling inlet media – .85m wide x 20m

Cut to Size: Any Size, Any Quantity, individual pads to fit directly to your booth size or any custom style.