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HVAC Filters, Intake Filters & Air Conditioning Cleaners


Disposable Cardboard HVAC Filters


V-Form HVAC Filters


Washable V-Form HVAC Filters


Disposable Pleat Inserts


Flat Panel HVAC Filters


Washable Flat Panel HVAC Filters


Return Air HVAC Filters


Polyester HVAC Filter Media


SpacePeak Bag HVAC Filters


SpacePak Bag HVAC Filters


SpaceCone Bag HVAC Filters


SpaceCube Bag HVAC Filters


Precision Pak Bag HVAC Filters


Super-Flow V HVAC Filters


Super-Flow Q HVAC Filters


Rigid Air HVAC Filters


Precision Cell HVAC Filters


Precision Cell II HVAC Filters


Activated Carbon Pre-Pleat HVAC Filters


VapourClean HVAC Filters


Super-Flow VC HVAC Filters


Alpha 95 HVAC Filters


Alpha Cell HVAC Filters


Alpha 2000 HVAC Filters


SuperFlow 24 HVAC Filters


Dimple Pleat HVAC Filters


TH-Series Module HVAC Filters


Channel Hood-22 HVAC Filters


Airvelope Model-39 HVAC Filters


PureFlow FPM HVAC Filters

Imported from Flanders in America, MaxPRO Distributor’s wide range of HVAC Filters can be used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Known for their high quality air filtration, Flanders’ HVAC Filters will increase the efficiency and longevity of the HVAC System by protecting it from dust and airborne particles. Flanders is committed to continuously developing new and improved products to assist in an environmentally responsible, healthy and prosperous environment.

HVAC Filtering is an integral, yet overlooked, part of the HVAC System. Our Intake Filers work by providing a physical barrier between the air intake filter and the moving parts of the HVAC system. As air is drawn in, the filter collects and prevents particulates from the air passing through.

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